Module 1: Getting Clear on Your Purpose

You’ll learn:
– How to get crystal clear on exactly what you want in all areas of your life.
– My #1 Tool for stepping into abundance
– How to take your vision up a notch
– The secret for success
– The best way to write out your intentions for manifesting
– The fastest way to become your dream!

Module 2: Creating Your Dream Life

You’ll learn:
– How to prioritize your big dream
– Ways to be held accountable
– How to create daily reminders of your vision
– The best way to stay happy when bad things happen
– How to meditate
– The manifesting tool that’s WAY better than any vision board (AND you create your own during the class!)

Module 3: Clearing Your Blocks to Abundance

You’ll learn:
– How to say no to the things that no longer serve you
– How to stay positive when things don’t always go as planned
– The best way to forgive old hurts holding you back
– How to identify and get rid of your limiting beliefs
– Ancient wisdom for releasing
– How to clear your clutter

Module 4: Stepping into your Vision

You’ll learn:
– Simple habits to make your life easier
– How to practice non-attachment
– The best way to conquer your fears
– How to get people rallying for your big dream
– How to manifest money!
– The best way to increase your intuition
– How generosity brings in more abundance
– The only thing you’ll ever need to manifest a life you love


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